About Us


helping others

with their digital problems, we were formed by accident in a basement...

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Jeremy found there were quite a few people who needed digital help and realised he probably couldn’t do it by himself - lucky for him, he kept finding people who hung around! They turned out to be pretty good at what they do.

(Lucky for us GummyBear grew & we moved out of his basement)

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We like to build cool sh*t.

In everything we do:

We believe in challenging the status quo

We believe in standing out

The way we do this is by making our creations:

Beautifully designed

Simple to use

User friendly

We just happen to make cool


social media.


When the creative team gets too creative

Your team photos end up looking like this:

"The Museum Curators"

GummyBear team group photo with moa sculptures

"The Family Portrait"

GummyBear team image funny