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We want your organisation to have a goddamn kickass motherf*ckin website.

One that does its job and survives a pandemic. And makes you look good in the process.

Join these people who now have awesome websites

Your website was built for a reason.

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For you to be seen, heard and found.

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For you to be seen, heard and found.

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For you to be seen, heard and found.

(Converse, share an experience, get to know you)

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For you to be seen, heard and found.

(Buy, sell, borrow)

If you are here, then one of those things or worse, all of them are currently not happening.

We know what you want.

That’s why we built this book.

You want to succeed online

Or maybe you already are, but you want to take it to the next level

Or your business is successful and online is unexplored territory

GummyBear Dunedin website design

Websites are…

Hotel Lobbies

A chance at welcoming people and guiding them to what they are looking for or what they need

Gift Shops

A place they can buy your stuff and keep it forever

Theme Parks

A place where they build memories and talk about to their grand kids

Your website’s design determines if you stand out & shapes the impression of you and your brand.

Who are these people anyway?

We're GummyBear, improving your business through digital solutions.

What began as a child’s love of gummy bears, has evolved into a digital agency located in Dunedin where we aren’t afraid to reinvent the wheel to get the desired outcomes.

We recognise that every company is different so we approach each project uniquely, focusing on possibility and progress.
GummyBear team
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We have found that often, websites are suffering from similar challenges.

Unclear message

Unremarkable or not memorable

Poor experience

Poor design aesthetics

Not interactive

Doesn’t sell well

Hard to find

Which means we have the knowledge and experience to come up with a solution.

Clarify Branding

Tasteful and Timeless design

User experience planning and strategy

Optimize for conversion

Relevance and search ability

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We do websites a certain way, making sure that we:


Focus on the user/customer


Design and build for a clear goal


Meet function, experience and beauty as criteria.

How to make your website not suck!

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If downloading free stuff isn't your jam, and you want to talk to an actual person, like the founder of Gummy Bear himself,
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He is ready to be bugged and loves talking about websites and other random digital things.

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Jeremy Hall

Founder | General Manager